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Howdy there! Are you interested in contacting me, exchanging a few words here and there? Don't feel like messing with that silly pm-ing here on smackjeeves? Commenting not as in-depth as you'd like? Well, why not IM me? I like to talk, so by all means, feel free! I don't ignore people unless they&re deliberately being asses. If I'm online, I can be found on meebo as the_cat_lady, and my widget is conveniently below. I'm also the_terrycloth_warrior on yahoo. You can make friends with me on myspace, on bebo, and skizmatik.com,. Feel free to visit my lovely deviantart account, filled to the brim with my own original artwork (one might describe it as superior to anything I've drawn in paneled form). And, oh my goodness, please fav this comic on onlinecomics.net -- and I need all the support I can get.

=====Disclaimer and product warning label=====

The cat lady has been known to behave under the code of a special brand of crazy, occasionally labeled “slightly stupid”. Some discussion about the cat lady's cats is mandatory. Seeking other cat persons. Will give cookies to anyone who gets the allusion. Does not speak fluent text-ese. Please do not eat the cat lady, at least not without buying her dinner first (she likes tofu and tea, if you please, or steak and cheese). Do not consume the cat lady immediately before driving, and refrain from two or more alcoholic drinks while taking little cat ladies: doing so might increase your odds of boredom and premature death. Actually that's a lie, do consume the alcohol -- all reports indicate a vast increase of enjoyment of the cat lady's company, and it makes her way funnier. The cat lady will not be held responsible for any physical and/or psychological damage incurred during casual conversation or healthy debate. In clicking the contact button, you have successfully signed in metaphorical blood that your immortal, BL-loving soul now belongs to the cat lady; you must now go forth and do her bidding. Her bidding is that you spread the word "slash" like the zombie virus. You must contact the cat lady to fully understand your new life task.

=====Now ending product label=====

Did you by any chance want to contact Sweetass? Well, my dears, she is the internet ninja, there one second, gone the next. No, seriously. But she has no product warning label, so if you get her, you can consume her and drive at the same time!

About the Creators
Yojobean -- Also known as yojoBAN and the Cat Lady, Yojo is an inveterate procrastinator who likes to doodle and write in her spare time, when she isn't littering her sentences with obscenities and sacrilegious profanes. Her drawings are simplex and moderately easy to understand; her stories are laden down under extra detail and adjectives that make it unintelligible. The Yojobean is responsible for the art and story of Light of the Moon, Final Stakes, and Rock Candy, and takes the blame for most of everything of SAWBAN. She likes BL and GL, as one can tell from the slew of BL- and GL-related stories found under her name. Yojo isn't hard to befriend: with a bottle of whiskey and a loaf of tofu, she'll become loyal to you for life -- like your family's golden retriever who fetches the saliva-slicked, grass encrusted tennis ball, and brings you the paper in the morning. Well, maybe not that loyal.
Her co-conspirator and co-center of the universe is Sweetass, below. Both noble, valiant warriors served in the Kitchen Utensil War of Oh-Eight. Now famous for her bravery and rousing war cry (“WhiIiiSSskeeEEEEeeyy!”), Yojo can now be referred to by her second awe-inspiring name: the Terrycloth Warrior. Sends shivers up the spine, doesn't it?

Sweetass -- Sweetass, also known as The Sweetass, Sweetass, and the Sweetest Ass, is the co-center of the universe, the co-author of SAWBAN, and the official opinion-giver of such distinguished comics as Light of the Moon, Rock Candy, and Final Stakes (even if she, too, has absolutely no fucking idea what the hell is going on). She is the co-author of SAWBAN, and is an elusive internet ninja. Working six thousand hours a week makes her hard to come by, but the Sweetest Ass can generally be found anywhere fine liquors are sold.
Sweetass likes fine wines, long walks on the beach, and hard-core yaoi -- not necessarily in that order. She likes it when people give her money or cigarettes. No, seriously. Consider the cigarettes.

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