Thank You!

Tool Thanks I need to give credit where it is due. While the VAST majority of this comic is wholly mine, I obviously use fonts that I didn't create myself. Most, if not all, are Blambot. This might not be true for all of my comics, though, since I also like to use the ones that are free and on my computer. I have also used one or two brushes from someone not me, the brilliant Icytina. If I have used a brush, or a font, it was made by them.

Creative Thanks

First and foremost are the people who have helped every week, or every day, people off of whom I bounce(d) ideas and brainstormed at. I thank sweetass for her opinions and advice on the comic. She waits for each page, and tells me when I screw up. Also, visit Zeind (also found here), with whom I am working on another project.