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Hey, there, you! Yes, you! In the chair, planted in front on the computer! Do you like the webcomic you’ve been reading? Are you a fan? Have you faved and rated? If not, then kindly do so now. Over and over. Rate all the pages with love. Don't worry, I'll wait right here…. *gives herself a manicure* …Are you done? Okay, good. Now, as I was saying.
Perhaps it will interest you to know that you can help create this lovely comic, in three incredible, useful ways. That's right, you can contribute to the webcomic your eyes are feasting upon! How's that, you ask? It's simple: All you need do is click on the lovely donate button below and send a little money my way. I'm not talking your whole paycheck (although that would make my week/month/year). A quarter would go a long way, especially if I get twelve of them -- and that's how much I need to get new erasers! A few cents here, a couple bucks there, and you are suddenly a contributor to this comic.

Big deal, I can hear you saying. What's in it for me? Well, I'll tell you: for a quick donation, you can request a whole picture. Not a half picture, or a quarter picture, but a whole picture! Woot! Anything from a nickel to two bucks is an avatar or something similar, anything above that is your call: We'll discuss it.
And that's not all! What more could there be? I hear you wondering it, don't deny it! I'll tell you! I will slap your name on the page you helped create! If you donate more than once -- holy crap, brace yourself for this one -- you earn a spot on the credits and contributors page! Oh my goodness! And there’s more! More!? Hold on to your hats for this one: for the low, low price of a nickel, you earn my eternal, undying love! <3<3<3! WOot!

Hey, man, can ya help a yojo out? (This is option one.)


What's that? You're not interested in a measly donation-wrought picture? You want something else? Well you're in luck! I am available for commission! Believe it or not, my friends, the gorgeous quality comic you've been reading all this time is not my best work (please contain the snickers and shocked gasps). You can find examples of my better, much more detailed, work at my deviantart account. Need a portrait of your four-year-old niece? Want your original character drawn in my style? My character? Do you have a short comic you'd like to have drawn? Have you been thinking about getting that tattoo, and need it drawn now? Well lucky you, I can do that! Drawn to order, and even better -- I'm flexible about prices! Note/PM me and we can discuss what you want and how much it costs!
There are some rules and restrictions, such as drawing anything overtly pornographic or pedophilic in nature (specifically, it won't happen). I don't draw technical things, cars, or houses very well, but I can make myself do it. I don't do politics or hate... as far as I know, anyway. I will learn to crochet/knit if you give me plenty of time to do so (and I can't guarantee the quality either). Unless you have an awesome story and/or enough money to pay for each page (again with the cheapness of my services), I can't do long stories, as that will crowd out my already sporadic updating.

Ah, but it is completely understandable if you opt out of the money-to-yojo choice: I myself am unable to fling cash at my favorite artists, after all. Well, if that's the case for you also, then please contribute in the easiest, fastest way possible! Fave my comic if you haven't done so already. Rate the pages. Comment. Fave me on Luuuuurve meeeee! <3<3<3 I’ll lurve you back forever and ever!

Thank you for reading!

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